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The two most critical reasons why people join or leave an organization are related to:



 At least, that has always been the case for me.

June group photo

  My previous roles in complex sales, strategic partnership development, and professional services at different organizations, including my time as the Vice President and Head of Google Cloud and Professional Services at Besbin Global, Global Account Sales Leader at VMWare, and Services Delivery Director at Pearson, led me to join Dell Technologies as a Transformational Software Sales Leader in 2019. Thanks to the support I received from executive and senior leadership at Dell, I was fortunate to continue to advance my career by leading transformational pursuits as a VMware Synergy Leader until 2021. Since then, I have worked as a Senior Client Executive overseeing one of our most strategic accounts, Dell Technologies Select (DT Select) Hyundai, and most recently expanded my responsibilities to lead growth plans globally for DT Select Samsung in 2023.


Throughout each step of my career, I have always aligned with Dell's strategic direction to leverage entire organizational capabilities and partner ecosystems. I am grateful for the continued support and recognition that I've received from leadership in Korea, the Asia-Pacific Japan region, and globally, everything from the Inspire Game Changer Level 5 Global Awards, the APJ Unstoppable Award, and the Korea Award for Solutions Acceleration and Leader of the Year, to name a few.
june and michael    
 It was an extraordinary honor and privilege to be on stage for the Hyundai AutoEver partnership alongside our chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, during the Day 1 Keynote at Dell Technologies World 2023. Of course, this did not happen overnight; it was the outcome of the utmost efforts of the entire team and customer counterparts strategically collaborating for over a year. Hyundai believes technology is vital for its growth as a smart mobility solutions provider in the future. The end-to-end solutions and flexible IT that Dell Technologies offers, together with Hyundai AutoEver, provide the tools Hyundai needs to innovate, make progress, and drive the future as a leader in mobility. The future looks incredible!



Dell’s 5 Innovation Pillars:

1) Work and Innovate Everywhere
2) Multicloud
3) Modern Data Infrastructure
4) Edge
5) Security


june exec briefing dtw

During executive briefings at Dell Technologies World 2023, we had Dell Technologies Advantage (DTA) conversations with Samsung and Hyundai stakeholders to understand customer requirements, how they are trying to innovate and tailor our DTA to meet customer needs and discuss how we can create value for customers with our 5 DTA Innovation Pillars supported by our end-to-end capabilities. By taking advantage of our insightful executive briefings and strategic marketing motions at Dell Technologies World to drive relevant stakeholder engagements and uncover new opportunities, we can elevate partnerships with relevant decision-makers to become strategic partners, not just technology providers.

I am grateful that I help lead this along with technology, industry, and transformation experts, including Global Industries Field Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and DT Select Global Transformation Office (GTO) teams of CP, EA, Commercial Director and DP, that leverage unique methodologies and Dell Technologies' best practices to solve today’s most challenging digital needs.


To learn more about life at Dell, please visit our stories.


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